Seeking to be the next Congresswoman from Ohio's 13th District, Hagan will always be defending the lives of the unborn. She shares her intimate story about the loss of two pregnancies. And she praises God for giving her twins to bless their family. Strong woman who is fighting for LIFE issues in upcoming election. Listen now to part 1 here! Listen to part 2 here!

Serving "Deeper Still" in Ft. Wayne, IN, Lisa and her husband Mike share a very intimate story of healing from abortion. They offer hope and opportunity for healing. Great listen! Click here!

Speaker who shares her story about abortion and being one of those harmed by deceased abortionist Ulrich Klopher. She experiences healing through Deeper Still, a program for those who have been harmed by abortion. To listen click here!

Star Parker is the founder of CURE, the Center for Urban Renewal and Education, a non-profit think tank based in Washington, DC. CURE's mission to fight poverty and restore dignity through the message of faith, freedom. As a woman who had several abortions, she knows--first hand--how the black culture is being targeted by Planned Parenthood. Listen here!

Marilyn and Glen have shared a joyful and adventurous life together for 61 years while also experiencing the tragic loss of 3 children—two infants and one 17 yr. old son killed by a drunk driver. Marilyn’s book, Roses in December, touches the heart of grievers seeking help and comfort. Pray for Marilyn—her present diagnosis is Progressive Supranuclear Palsy. Listen here to the incredible interview!

Pastor Walt Moss earned a Master’s Degree in Theology at Jacksonville Theological Seminary and has served as a pastor for 36 years. He belongs to the National Black Pro-Life Coalition and wrote the book Why I Am a Black Pro-Life Pastor. In his interview he hits hard on the positioning of abortion organizations as they target the black community. Walt sheds light and truth on the culture of death via abortion. Listen here!

Governor DeWine, currently serving as Ohio’s 70thGovernor, is very pro-life. April 2019, he signed House Bill 493, known as the Ohio "Heartbeat Bill", into law, therein prohibiting abortion after a heartbeat is detected in a fetus, including in cases of rape and incest, one of the most extensive abortion restrictions in the nation. Listen to his interview here!

Tina serves as VP of Students For Life, an org that reaches out to college, high school and even middle school campuses with info about healthy sex education and the truth about abortion. When registering online for the National Pro Life Summit coming up in Washinton, D.C. January 25-26 2020, use "ChooseLife" and get $10 off. Listen now!

Jor-El Godsey leads Heartbeat International as President, overseeing the core mission of Heartbeat---to be the leadership supply line for the pregnancy help movement worldwide. Heartbeat provides conferences, training resources, leadership development and so much more. Listen here now!

In this 2nd interview with Wende, she delves into her intimate story of the loss of her baby. She has been an integral component to Blessings, an organization that helps teen moms complete their schooling while learning the ins and outs of being a single parent. Listen to her incredible testimony here!

In this 2nd interview with Bill, he dives into his Raising Fathers initiative. There really are no words to explain what takes place in this amazing interview with US Congressional Representative, Bill Johnson. His story is one that keeps you spellbound, right to the end! Get Bill's book "Raising Fathers" here and listen to his interview here!

Bob Arnold worked with Youth for Christ for 40 years, and this eventually led to his ministry at The Meadow. In addition to his ministry, Bob shares vulnerably about the shocking loss of his daughter. Check out his Meadow ministry here. And listen to his interview here!

Cindy writes a column for the Newport Beach newspaper, The Daily Pilot. She also provides support for people dealing with loss of loved ones, which is a road she has personally walked, experiencing the loss of her precious daughter. Her story is powerful and touching - listen here!

Mike considered himself “pro-choice” until shortly after coming to faith in Christ, when the church he attended showed the pro-life film, The Silent Scream. Upon being confronted with the reality of abortion, Mike became deeply convicted and offered himself as a voice for the unborn. He is currently speaking for Life Training Institute. Listen here!

Dr. Sharon Morris May is the founder as well as a marriage and family therapist for Safe Haven Relationship Center in Carlsbad, CA. She provides Marriage Intensives and Life Coaching opportunities to those seeking relationship support. Her faith is central to all of her work. Listen here!

All the way from Cathlamet, Washington, today we meet a state trooper who uniquely cared for lost travelers. Sgt. Bradley Moon picked up on a call about an accident with an overturned truck and Winnebago. As he rushed to rescue the Fischer family of six, he had no idea how his faith would require his own family to step up and step out to serve God's call to be the Good Samaritan! Listen here!

Suzie Thomas is no stranger to radio. She successfully interviews winners and leaders in Our Community! But today, we have her on the other side of the microphone, and you will learn things about Suzie that may amaze you. She has a tremendous heart for life, so don’t miss this opportunity to enjoy her adorable personality and her joy for LIFE! Listen here! Grab Suzie's book "Read it again Bible Stories" here.

Margaret (Peggy) Hartshorn has yet to find a need that can’t be met! She currently serves as board chair of Heartbeat International, an organization she helped grow over the last 20 plus years. Her heart is for LIFE, and God has directed her into some amazing places of service. Don’t miss her excellent thoughts about providing life options to those who are abortion determined. Listen here to part one here, and part two here! Get Peggy's book here!

Aleisha hails from Utah, she and her husband heard the bad news from her obstetrician that her baby was vulnerable to amniotic band syndrome, a rare development in the womb that can and will take the baby’s life. This gripping story of how two young parents took immediate action to save the life of little Kai. Aleisha is a speaker as well as an author of the tender book, Our Unbreakable Boy. Listen to part 1 of Aleisha's interview here - and part 2 here!

As a teen-mother, Wende was always finding God’s strength to help her survive difficult situations. She speaks of the importance of sharing openly with your children truthful information about sex, relationships and cautioning youth. She has been an integral component to Blessings, an organization that helps teen moms complete their schooling while learning the ins and outs of being a single parent. Listen to Wende's story here!

Congressman to Senator to Presidential Candidate, the real fame of this man is that he considers his most important position to be caring for his daughter, Bella. He shares openly about his service to his country in Congress and the U.S. Senate and the determination he has shown to make sure Bella is protected and cared for. This precious little 11-year-old girl is a miracle Trisomy 18 baby who has given the Santorums a loving, lived-out testimony to the truth that everyone counts, even “the least of these.” Listen here!

Christa grew up in a Christian home, attending church and living up to expectations of family and friends. But in high school she began to live two lives. And then, her world radically changed. Tune in to hear Christa’s story—it will encourage you and also introduce you to Teen Mother Choices International, which helps teen moms with the support of communities and churches! Listen here!

CEO of Care Net, Roland Warren, shares his journey to head a ministry helping pregnancy centers across America do their work with excellence. You won’t want to miss his amazing story of how he was drawn to serve in a ministry that seems to be aimed at women dealing with unplanned pregnancies. But, as Roland points out, it is NOT just a woman who gets pregnant. Listen here!

Jackie Appleman, Executive Director of St. Joseph County Right to Life of South Bend, IN discusses with us the horrific news that deceased Dr. Ulrich Klopher had 2246 aborted babies stored in his home in Illinois. This grotesque discovery rocked the Christian world, but Dr. Klopher is not the first, nor will he be the last. Listen to Jackie's powerful interview here!

Serving as a pastor, Kurt’s heart was heavy concerning our nation’s abortion laws. It caused him to start a crisis pregnancy center in his community, and soon, he was serving his pastorate and also serving as the executive director of the center. Kurt’s passion was so strong, he started Life International. His interview will touch your heart. Join in to hear his amazing story of becoming a landlord for an abortion clinic! Listen to (part 1) & (part 2) here!

Kristan is determined to train and lead students of all ages through Students for Life. Kristan is a published author with several titles dealing with pro-life issues and more. A frequent speaker and media analyst, Kristan’s expertise includes abortion, feminism, disability advocacy and healthcare, as she navigates the social conditions and public policy that impacts the human rights issue of our day. Listen to (part 1) & (part 2) here!

Rebecca Kiessling, founder and CEO of Save the 1, an organization bringing an important focus on saving babies from abortion. Rebecca has an amazing story to share—one that will underscore the gossamer thread of life of unborn babies heading for abortion. Listen to Rebecca's interview here! And visit Save the 1 here.

When your life is rocked with a diagnosis of a Trisomy 18 baby - how do you choose to celebrate life through this difficult trial - especially when you are expecting your first son after all daughters? This son was to carry the special name of Louis—Brian and Ellie share their hearts as they talk about life from a very different point of view. This is a beautiful message of faithful love. Listen here!

This pixie person with bright red hair and a personality that can’t be contained in her little tiny body keeps us moving as she shares her life as a nun, her marriages to two amazing men and … her very private and intimate story of caring for her husband as he died from Lou Gehrid’s Disease. Intimate and true. Listen to Marykay's interview here!

Katie's story is all about following the vision God had given to her to start Film School Africa and teach in South Africa skills to provide them the ability to work in the film industry. South Africa is the largest film production location on the continent, and students learn not just the tools to make film, but the tools to live a life enrichment in God’s love. Listen here!

Leslie is a national speaker and founder of the Alpha Center (pregnancy care center) and the Omega Maternity Home—in Sioux Falls, SD. Leslee has also founded the National Abstinence Clearinghouse, an org that provides schools with materials about the values of remaining abstinent until marriage. Listen to Leslie's interview here!

Erica is such an articulate guest, sharing stories of what a day in the life of a Pregnancy Center Executive Director (Alpha Center) is like. She shares the fun, the funny and the tragic—all with the focus on what God is doing with each person she serves. Listen to Erica's interview here!

There really are no words to explain what takes place in this amazing interview with US Congressional Representative, Bill Johnson. His story is one that keeps you spellbound, right to the end! Yet…there’s always more to the story! Listen to Bill's interview here!

Engaging us immediately with his story of their four miscarriages, Bill shares his journey to educate young students on the real story of abortion and the harm it is causing so many women and men. Scientific info is provided about the abortion pills RU-486 in his interview. Listen to William's interview here! And visit his website here.

It’s always a joy to interview a personal friend and someone I have worked with in the industry of pregnancy care and protection. Marsha has a beautiful story of her time in the counseling rooms with clients determined to end their pregnancies “before it is really a life.” A rare peek into the mindset of the abortion-minded. Listen to Marsha's interview here! Catch her podcast here.

Janet served in pregnancy work as a volunteer and now is an executive director of a large center in Ohio. Her story is about sharing Christ as she talks about the sacrifice of life—the price that was paid on the cross and the gift of life God gives. A beautiful combination found in this interview. Listen to Janet's interview here!

The interview with Fern is so powerful because of her love for people suffering from past abortions. Author of two grief recovery books—Refuge…My Safe Place and Portraits, Unveiled Freedom, Fern shares gems with us about her own life, and God’s amazing healings. Listen to Fern's interview here! And grab a copy of Fern's book here!

Pam Tebow has us spellbound as she shares about her son, Timmy, a Heisman Trophy winner and his work to provide orphanages and support for children in need. She shares her very personal story of a doctor’s admonishment that carrying Tim would likely end her own life. Listen to Pam's interview here! And you can purchase Pam's book "Ripple Effects" here!

The Ohio face and voice that keeps everyone laughing, Robin is the real deal as she shares the story of her own life. Laughter abounds, but God’s healing is the poignant key to this beautiful woman’s interview. Listen to Robin's interview here!