Choose Life Radio

Our Mission: To encourage and educate from a biblical worldview, utilizing the written and spoken word, focusing on the sanctity of human life from conception.

Choose Life Radio Network (CLRN) is a faith-based 501(c)(3) radio passion project focusing on the sanctity of human life.

The show is hosted by Jill Taylor. Her commitment to Christ and passion for life issues led her to found the Choose Life Radio Network. The half-hour weekly radio broadcast features interviews with persons known for their strong commitment to life. To listen to past shows, go to our podcasts page here! You can also find a great article on Jill at Live here! 

We are part of the CSN Radio family. CSN Radio carries the Choose Life Radio broadcast three times - Sundays at midnight and 6:00 pm MST and Saturdays at 1:00 am MST.  Links provided below! 

Catch us on these additional radio stations as well.  All times are local: 

It's been kidding!  After stepping away from my leadership at a pregnancy center in our area, I wondered what God could do with me!  (Without a doubt, that's a thought that goes through my husband's head a lot!)

Actually, it was Howard who suggested a radio program about LIFE.  And I had a very supportive response...."You're CRAZY!"  

Well, I'm speaking the truth, but I'm also making sure you know, my husband is the most amazing man, and God knew I needed a partner who could guide me!  

Howard and I are nearing our 53 anniversary and closing the end of the fourth year of Choose Life Radio---both seem to be stable ( - : 

381 interviews have spanned almost four years...and just a few of those were repeated during holidays when people might be likely to have family in.  Yet many wrote to say they were alone on the holidays, and it was nice to hear the story told at Choose Life Radio. I praise YOU for listening, for sending wonderful comments, and for your kind support to help us pay the expenses of being on 750 radio stations across this country.We simply couldn't do this without you. 

And the stories YOU share with me are valuable.  I know we can't put all of those stories on the air, but I do like to respond via email.  So write to me when you have time at and I will respond.  I love the notes and letters sent to our post office using ChooseLifeRadio,  P.O. Box 36622, Canton, OH 44735-6622. Words can't say what is in my heart for you who listen and love LIFE!  And even MORE, we love the Lord who gives us creation, life and forgiveness for our mistakes.  What a glorious God we worship.  

Praying for you all, Jill